Learning Portfolio 3: Image examples

Provide 3 visual examples of products or artifacts (found in everyday surroundings) that satisfy the design principle of Performance load. Upload them on your blog site with a brief explanation why the products satisfied the design principle.

(Aliexpress.com, n.d.)
(Aliexpress.com, n.d.)

More commonly known in Japan, light switches exist so that we don’t have to get up and switch off the light switch by hand—we just need to press a button on the remote, and it switches the lights on or off. This practise reduces kinematic load, as we don’t need to get up to switch off the lights as long as we have the remote within our reach. Especially convenient for when you’re tucked up in bed and don’t want to get up just to switch the light off.

(Elley, 2012)
(Elley, 2012)

Visa card paywave has become increasingly popular within the last few years—just a quick tap on the EFTPOS machine and you’re good to go, decreasing both kinematic and cognitive load, as you no longer necessarily need to remember your pin, and thus you aren’t entering your pin on the machine, or sliding/ inserting the card.

(Atomic Plumbing, n.d.)
(Atomic Plumbing, n.d.)

To make doing dishes a lot quicker (and a lot less painful), many of us use dishwashers to do the job for us. Having a dishwasher means that this will reduce kinematic load dramatically, and it saves water, too.


Aliexpress.com,. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Japan-s-intelligent-high-grade-solid-wood-remote-control-lamp-dome-light-sitting-room-the-bedroom/1088151_1854158232.html.

Atomic Plumbing,. Retrieved from http://www.atomicplumbing.com/plumbing-services/dishwasher-installation-virginia-beach-norfolk/

Elley, R. (2012). Retrieved from http://mozo.com.au/blog/2012/01/paywave-and-paypass-credit-cards-answered/


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