Learning Portfolio 4: Website credibility examples

Find a website for each type of credibility (i.e. presumed, reputed, surface, and earned) and upload snapshots of the websites on your blog site. Provide a brief explanation why the websites are credible.

Presumed credibility:

(ushistory.org, n.d.)
(ushistory.org, n.d.)

Looking at this as a user, I can presume that this website has a lot of information on US history; it seems to have free online textbooks, so the information they give out must be credible (based on presumption). The website’s domain also ends with .org, which is commonly used for schools, information-based sites, non-profit purposes, et cetera.

Reputed credibility:

(Yahoo! JAPAN, n.d.)
(Yahoo! JAPAN, n.d.)

In Japan, yahoo is the biggest search engine. It is referred to and endorsed by a lot of third parties (just like how google is over here). It has won awards such as ‘Apple Design Award‘ (Carlson, 2013).

 Surface credibility:

(Jisho.org, 2014)
(Jisho.org, 2014)

As a language student, it’s hard to find an online dictionary that is easy to use, and the designs are always rather ugly. However, one glance at jisho.org shows the good use of white space and simple layout, giving the credibility that it is designed to be easy to use.

Earned credibility:

(Ecu.summon.serialssolutions.com, n.d.)
(Ecu.summon.serialssolutions.com, n.d.)

As many students at ECU are thankful for, ECU’s library one search is consistently providing all kinds of information and research for assignments, and has done for years.


Carlson, N. (2013). Marissa Mayer’s Big Win: Yahoo Weather Wins An ‘Apple Design Award’. Business Insider. Retrieved from http://www.businessinsider.com.au/yahoo-weather-wins-apple-design-award-2013-6

Ecu.summon.serialssolutions.com,. ECU Library One Search. Retrieved from http://ecu.summon.serialssolutions.com/

Jisho.org,. (2014). Jisho.org: Japanese Dictionary. Retrieved from http://jisho.org/

Ushistory.org,. US History. Retrieved from http://www.ushistory.org/

Yahoo! JAPAN,. Yahoo! JAPAN. Retrieved from http://www.yahoo.co.jp/


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